Infection Control in the Dental Setting: 

Understanding Emerging Diseases Part 2* 

I just want to go home: Developing Protocols for the Dental Setting 

for prevention of disease transmission 

with Noel Kelsch, RDH, RDHAP, MS 

sponsored by Colgate & Hu-Friedy


5/09/2020 from 9-11am

(2) CE webinar 

*Please note it is not necessary to attend part 1 

of the course to attend part 2

   After taking this live interactive course the attendee will be able to: · Identify areas to “break” the chain of infection and its impact in the dental environment · Recognize COVID 19’s impact in the dental environment · Implement and evaluate workplace application of infection control in the dental settings  including personal protective equipment, protocols and procedures   Over the years, many diseases have captured headlines and made us all aware of our susceptibility. As diseases emerge into the spotlight, many concepts in prevention can finally be grasped and the importance of standard precautions in the dental setting brought to the forefront in health care and the public sector. During the first course we reviewed emerging diseases, the chain of infection and disease preventive measures. The 2nd part of the course we will review current findings, dispel myths in relation to COVID 19 and help you prepare to develop protocols and procedures for to keep dental professionals, patients and community safe. Please send your questions in advance to N.kelsch@sbcglobal.net so we can cover the topics you are needing. Put the subject line on the email covid19 question.   Noel is an international speaker, writer, researcher and Director of Cabrillo College Dental Hygiene Program. She is passionate about oral health and infection control and has the uncanny ability to motivate and enlighten audiences through her unique humor and cutting edge information. She is the infection control columnist, a syndicated newspaper columnist and has been published in many books and magazines. Noel’s research on infection control and cross contamination continues to enlighten dental professionals and protect patients.

****POSTPONED***** Integrated Periodontics with Dr. Wong

4/25/2020 Date to be rescheduled

Presented by Dr. Jonathan S. Wong

3 units

Integrated Periodontics: Classification and Management of Periodontal Disease

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss demographics of Disease
  • New classification system
  • How to incorporate the system into clinical practice
  • Comprehensive management of periodontal disease in general practice
  • Current concepts of disease progression


Treating Dentin Hypersensitivity and Managing Erosion

September 12, 2020

presented by Linda D'Amico, RDH, BS

4 units

9am to 1:30pm

8:30am at-the-door registration

Brunch will be served

Residence Inn Oxnard River Ridge

2101 W. Vineyard Ave.

Oxnard, CA 93036

Ouch, that hurts! Improving Patients Quality of Life by Treating Dentin Hypersensitivity This course will discuss the factors contributing to dentin hypersensitivity, types of pain stimuli and pain impulse conduction theories while providing clinical evidence supporting over-the-counter and professionally applied desensitizing agents. Dental professionals will be provided with evidence based strategies to provide optimal patient care for individuals affected by dentin hypersensitivity. Two treatment protocols available will be discussed and options for both in-office and at-home protocols will be presented.
Learning Objectives:

  • Describe factors which contribute to dentin hypersensitivity
  • Identify the types of pain stimuli which elicit hypersensitive reactions
  • Understand the ways in which desensitization agents act to decrease sensitivity
  • Evaluate treatment options to plan a program for evidenced-based, in-office treatment and home care for a patient to control or treat hypersensitivity


Worn Out! How to Relieve and Manage Erosion This presentation explores the reasons why the prevalence of acid erosion in developed countries is increasing and becoming a concern for oral health. Behaviors that contribute to hard tissue loss, including acid erosion, are defined. Recognizing the differences between caries and erosion is examined, as well as patient assessment, diagnosis, and management of this condition.  

Learning Objectives

• Discussion: Is “Dental Erosion” an Oral Condition or a Disease?• Prevalence in US society • Discuss the Clinical Indicators and Appearance of Erosive Tooth Wear • Explain the Chemistry of Erosive Tooth Wear • Recognize the US Cultural Influences which contribute to extrinsic sources of acid • Recognize the US Cultural Influences which contribute to exposure to intrinsic sources of acid • Assessing who is at risk for Erosive Tooth Wear• The DDS/RDH role in recommending Oral healthcare products withthe ability stabilize early/ moderate erosive tooth wear



#Top Trending Products in Dentistry

November 14, 2020

presented by 

Kristi Menage Bernie, RDH, MS, RYT

3 units

9am to 12pm

8:30am at-the-door registration

Location to be determined

Today more than ever consumers are being ‘educated’ through social media, home shopping networks and the press regarding not only the latest and greatest oral health technologies and products, but ‘news’ debunking long standing oral hygiene practices. From oil pulling to magic solutions that cure tooth decay; to apps that connect with power toothbrushes, to whitening in minutes, it seems that there is something for every oral condition that is faster, easier and painless. This high energy session with explore the top trending topics that impact dental hygiene practice (is there sufficient research to support daily use of dental floss?!). A review of research related to these innovations will be included and attendees will have the opportunity to consider their value and importance to achieving optimal oral health.